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How to Choose a Vending Machine

The management of a vending machines business is more than the simply fact of owning a machine. First of all, it is recommended to estimate sales forecast, taking into account the location of the vending machines and good turnout. It is important to know what customer wants. Vending machines income is determined by three facts: The type and the number of items sold the number of machines on location and the high foot traffic quality of these locations. Items selection has to be done taking into account public target. The selection of the vending machine will be done considering that the most complex the machine is the most expensive the maintenance will be. In return a complex vending machine is able to offer a varied range of items.

There is a wide range of vending machines in the market. From the simple one where a coin is entered to the most innovative. Some vending machines have incorporated leading-edge technology.

Choose Vending Machines

Some of the technologies applied to the vending sector are:

- Vending machines that use special devices able to read identity card, driving license, credit and debit card. These systems of payment or cashless avoid the exact price, diminishes vandalism and allow to audit the machine in a reliable and easy way.

- Vending machines with a system of payment through mobile phone network with GPRS connection. Once the product code is entered and the information appears on the phone the purchase authorization is activated from the terminal itself. The payment is done charging the amount to the balance of the prepayment card or to the bank account associated to the mobile phone invoice.

- Vending machines that use cold systems with no greenhouse gases. Vending industry is striving to face up to vending future following a sustainable development.

- Vending machines that sell digital contents: these machines allow you to acquire and store in our USB devices that can be connected to the machine videos, music, movies, Blu-Ray etc…

- Vending machines that convert VHS format into digital or DVD format.

One of the best innovations is telemetry or M2M. The telemetry allows vending machines monitoring from a control point. Telemetry increases operator efficiency and reports information about current stock status, malfunctions, sate of temperature, alarm notification, maintenance data and sale information. This system provides greater profitability giving fast response to field problems reducing costs and increasing revenues.
At this point and being aware that vending sector is still evolving with new products and new innovative equipment being more complex, dynamic and competitive it is convenient to contact reliable vending machines manufacturers and distributors and ask for a professional advice.

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