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Vending Machines

The vending machines provides different products to consumer; selling them without a cashier. We are talking about an automatic device that dispenses merchandise. The action to sell merchandise by means of these machines is known as “vending”.

Vending machines are one of the most lucrative and stable business in the market. There are several reasons that explain the vending business success: from the consumer point of view life rhythms does not allow us to lose minutes having a coffee, buying a newspaper or a phone card. Vending machines can provide them and save us time. In Japan for example due to a high density population that uses to go shopping on foot or by bicycle there is not limit to what it is sold. Almost anything can be dispensed by the vending machine. On the other hand, storekeepers are aware of the fact that many products can not be sold because they are not able to open their shops 24 h day and consider the vending business a productivity bonus. Big brands have increased their selling rates because of the fact that vending machines brought them more clients, they are allowed to sell top-branded products whenever they demand them.

And finally, we the proven success of the vending business as a good self-employment option must also be considered.

Vending Machines

Consumer behaviour has been studied for a long time. There are many variables and motivations that take part in our final decision of buying a product. Among them we have to underline those that have been taken into consideration by the vending industry at the time to design, implement and select the products: the comfort, the effectiveness and the simplification of the buying fact, as well as the service and the selling point‘s image. Vending machines have turned those stimuli into positive.

Our selective nature pay attention to what it is attractive because if we buy a product we will feel better (a cold drinks vending machine) or because in that moment we absolutely need it (an umbrella vending machine). The potential consumer’s acceptance answer with respect to the vending machine has been proven.

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